frequently asked questions

What are your working hours?

Ladies section is open till 19:00 PM, mens section is open till 24:00 PM

What are your working days?

We are open all week, including the weekend

Do I need a booking?

Booking or reservation is not necessary

How about an exclusive group reservation?

For a group of -minimum- 25 people, our hamam can be exclusively reserved. Depending on the number, working hours can also be extended. For groups less then 25, no exclusive reservation is available; but mostly it won't be necessary anyway. For group reservations, kindly send an e-mail to at least 1 day in advance

How long will the bath experience last?

It's up to you, but most customers enjoy staying between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Need I bring my own bathing equipment?

You're not required to bring any soap, shampoo or scrub (these can be provided at a small fee). But some people prefer to bring their own, and that is also welcome.

Are customers allowed to stay in the bath for as long as they like or is there a time limit?

There is no time limit, but traditionally Turkish bath is hot; and you may not feel comfortable after 3 hours

Do you have tea/fruit juices available at the hamam?

We have soda, mineral water, cold beverages, and freshly brewed Turkish tea and coffee available at all times.

Is nudity allowed in your hamam?

Men are required to cover themselves either with pestemal(provided on your arrival), or wear a bathing suit. Partial nudity in the womens section is common, but full nudity may not be appreciated by other customers

What is the first thing to do in hamam?

Frequent hamam-goers usually sit and relax by the basin for a while, which is around 15-20 minutes. This also allows your body to adjust the temperature, your pores opens, and you get ready for soap and scrub. Hamam is quiet, and acoustics provide a peace of mind. Take your time, and enjoy yourself.

Do you recommend eating before or after hamam?

We don't recommend having an artery clogging meal before the hamam, but you shouldn't be starving either. Turkish hamam-goers usually enjoy a good old kebab and baklava after hamam, which is right around the corner.

How about a beer?

A couple of drinks is fine, but our staff and customers wouldn't appreciate any rowdiness done under the influence. It's best to enjoy your drinks afterwards.